Multi-storey Car Parks

In the current scenario, shortage of parking spaces in built-up areas is a common problem in many cities of India. Apex offers a variety of cost-effective, individualized parking solutions to meet the increasing demand and make the most of limited space. Our robust steel structures require short construction times, can be adapted to make optimum use of the ground surface and are creatively designed to fulfil individual requirements, such as incorporating a car lift or including a customized colour scheme. Apex is the Indian market leader in prefabricated steel sheds and the multi-storey car park designs profit from the company's many years of experience. We provide solutions for the parking decks, multi-storey car parks, and steel truck garages.

Multi-storey Customer Parking Structure

Car Park with a System

Multi-storey Employee Parking Building

Underground Parking

Multi-storey Car Parking Building

Truck Parking Garage

Parking Deck for Rental Car Centre

Integrated Parking Deck

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